Articles from December 2009

Death on a Dairy Farm: The Human Cost of Cheap Milk

Here in Vermont, there has been no shortage of heart-wrenching evidence that this country’s dairy farmers face a financial crisis of epic proportions. Last August, I attended an auction where a farm that had been in the same family for 144 years—six generations—was sold off during the course of a single day, tractor by tractor […]

Is Seafood Watch Going to Give its Blessing to Farmed Shrimp?

  I stopped eating farmed shrimp (which is to say nearly 90 percent of the shrimp sold in this country) several years ago for three reasons. 1) They taste like ammonia or mud. 2) Too often, they are contaminated with drugs and chemicals banned by the United States government. And (3) Shrimp aquaculture is one […]

DIRTY RICE: Jury Awards Missouri Farmers $2 Million, Finding Bayer CropScience Liable for Contaminating Fields with GM Rice.

    Ken Bell, a rice grower in southwestern Missouri, remembers that 2006 was shaping up to be one of those years farmers only dare to dream about. “Not only was the market up,” he told me, “but we had a good crop growing.” Then on August 18, a Friday, Bell’s world collapsed. The United […]

Petri-Dish Pork: The Other, Other White Meat

A Dutch physiologist has become the first scientist to produce test-tube meat. Writing in the Times of London earlier this week, Lois Rogers reported that Mark Post of Eindhoven University in Holland extracted cells from the muscles of a pig and subsequently got them to multiply and grow in a “broth” made out of blood […]