Articles from May 2010

Food Writing’s Longest Losing Streak Ends: Estabrook Gets Beard Award for Article Exposing Slavery and Other Labor Abuses in Florida’s Tomato Fields

  Thanks, Ruth, Doc, Rux, and you, too, Jim Driving from Naples, Florida, the nation’s second-wealthiest metropolitan area, to Immokalee takes less than an hour on a straight road. You pass houses that sell for an average of $1.4 million, shopping malls anchored by Tiffany’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, manicured golf courses. Eventually, gated communities […]

A Sea Change Sweeps Northeastern Fishery Management. They May Yowl. They May Howl. But This is Good News for Fishermen

A happy (CapeCod) hooker On May 1, a sea change swept over the New England fishing industry as the government instituted fundamental changes in the way the catch is managed. To hear the howls of protest,  you’d think that the feds had just proposed to drain the ocean in an attempt to put every last […]