Articles from June 2010

Newsbites: FDA Ready to Approve GMO Supersalmon; Remember Acid Rain? It’s Back and Worse than Ever Thanks to Big Ag; Recession Ends for Organic Dairy Farmers

●One More Reason to Avoid Farmed Salmon ●Acid Rain Redux ● Land of Milk and Money   One More Reason to Avoid Farmed Salmon Prince Edward Island bills itself as a bucolic haven of pristine beaches, white clapboard farmhouses, and quaint fishing villages. But the province is also home to one of the scariest places […]

Monsanto Claims Victory in Supreme Court GM Seed Case, But Who Really Won?

A lawyer friend of mine who once served as a small claims magistrate said that he knew he had handed down a fair ruling when both parties came away a little mad at him.  I don’t know what he would think about the Supreme Court’s 7-to-1 decision to nullify a lower court ruling that imposed […]

Newsbites: Humane Society vs. the Nation’s Number Two Egg Producer; Popular New Pesticide–Good for Ozone, Bad for Humans; Hard Drugs in Your Honey?

●Humane Society Files Complaint About Nation’s Number Two Egg Producer ●Popular New Pesticide–Good for Ozone, But Bad for Humans ●Hard Drugs  in Your Honey? Scratching out a living Something to Squawk About During the winter here in Vermont, my 12 laying hens seem content enough residing in a retrofitted horse stable. But when I open the […]

Newsbites: Where Have All the Lobsters Gone? Good Riddance to a Bad Pesticide. Is USDA Organic Food from China Really Organic?

● Warmer Waters Decimate Lobster Populations ● Endosulfan Banned: Good Riddance to a Bad Pesticide ●How “Organic” is USDA Organic Food from China Where Have All the Lobsters Gone? On Cape Cod, Mass., nothing says summer evening as clearly as a big pot of boiling seawater and a mess of locally caught lobsters. Thanks to […]

The Price of Fish: How the wheels of capitalism deliver seafood to your plate

If you’ve eaten a fish caught off the northeastern coast of the United States  in the past few years, chances are good that it passed through the giant refrigerated warehouse of the Gloucester Seafood Display Auction in Gloucester, Massachusetts. That’s where I met Steve Dunn, a fish grader, one morning last April. At 4:00 a.m., […]

What Poisoned the Farmworkers of Apopka, FL, and Why is Nobody Doing a Thing to Help Them?

Leaning on her cane, Linda Lee matter-of-factly listed her medical conditions: diabetes, lupus, high blood pressure, emphysema and arthritis. She had her hip replaced and her gall bladder removed. Her kidneys failed, so she had a transplant. She also had two corneal implants. Asked what caused her woes, the 57-year-old resident of Apopka, Fla., doesn’t […]

Can the Cure for Cancer, ADHD, and a Host of Other Modern Ills be Found in Stonyfield’s Little Plastic Yogurt Containers? If you Look Deeply Enough, Maybe.

We’ve all been unsuspecting subjects in a vast scientific experiment, and the results are beginning to come in. They are not good. Addressing attendees at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s annual Cooking for Solutions symposium last month, Gary Hirshberg, the head of the organic yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm, said that until the mid 1930s, humanity ate […]

Newsbites: GMO Arms Race Pits Superherbicides Against Superweeds. Snap, Crackle, STOP! FTC Tells Kellogg to Remove Health Claims from Rice Krispies Boxes

●GMO Arms Race: Superherbicides vs. Superweeds ● Snap, Crackle, STOP! FTC Castigates Kellogg’s Health Claims Superherbicides vs. Superweeds             Last week I noted that agribusiness giant Monsanto was scaling back its profit projections in the face of generic competition for its weed killer Roundup. Now, it turns out that the popular herbicide is getting some […]

Newsbites: Monsanto’s Last Roundup; There May be Something Worse than BPA in Your Bottled Water;Off-Shore Aquaculture–Here’s the Catch

●Monsanto’s Last Roundup ●There May be More than BPA in Your Water Bottle ●Off-Shore Aquaculture: Here’s the Catch Monsanto’s Last Roundup In 2003, after losing nearly $2 billion the previous year, Monsanto bet its corporate life on a genetically modified future, much of which would be built on GM seeds for corn, soybeans, cotton, and […]