Articles from February 2011

Tomato Workers Take to the Streets in Boston to Convince a $40-Billion Supermarket Conglomerate to Pay them One Penny More Per Pound

Jose Hilario, a 48-year-old native of Guerrero, Mexico, came to the United States hoping to find work in the tomato fields that surround the town of Immokalee in southwestern Florida. He wanted to send money home for his sister’s children’s schooling. Instead, he found himself enslaved—literally. For two years he was forced to toil for […]

Co-opting an Unsustainable Food System: Student-Run Collectives Replace Junk Food Franchises on College Campuses

When Panda Express, a 1300-outlet Chinese fast food chain, announced plans to open a branch on the campus of the University of California Berkeley, a group of students protested, not surprisingly given that their city is the heart of all things local/seasonal/sustainable/organic in this country. What is surprising is that the students not only defeated […]

The Santa Barbara Syndrome: Why Don’t Residents of One of The Nation’s Biggest and Balmiest Agricultural Counties Buy Locally Grown Produce?

Should you ever want to see firsthand how completely dysfunctional our modern food system is, I urge you to hop a flight to Santa Barbara, Calif. That’s just what I did late last month to attend the annual Edible Institute, a conference organized by Edible Communities, the umbrella company above several dozen magazines that celebrate […]

Shrimp Without Guilt: BC Spot Prawn Fishery Provides Sustainable Indulgence

Shrimp were my first luxury food. Once or twice a year, my father would take me to his country club for lunch, and I’d order a shrimp salad—a half-dozen, bright orange jumbos hooked over the rim of a glass bowl above a bed of crushed ice. Skip ahead more years than I care to count, […]