Articles from June 2011

Can You Believe it? They are Giving Away Free Copies of Tomatoland

  An author friend of mine once lamented that he always had long lines of fans lined up to get free copies of books during autographing sessions at booksellers’ conventions, even though his actual sales were modest. My reply to him was that his publisher had proven that there was a market for his work–at […]

The Profound Impact of a Penny

Raising the price of tomatoes by 1 cent a pound would change farmworkers’ lives. Trader Joe’s said no. But first, a none-too-subtle word from our sponsor Click here to place an order with Amazon Click here to place an order with Barnes & Noble Click here to place an order with Borders Click here to place an […]

It’s Official! Tomatoland Has Been Released. Read a Free Excerpt Below

But First, a none-too-subtle word from our sponsor.   Dear Readers, What can I say other than please buy my book? It can be done quickly and painlessly by clicking on any of the links below. If you read the posts on this blog, I think you will–I can’t really say enjoy, because there are many […]

Feds Refuse to Give Bluefin Tuna Endangered Status

When government PR folks want to limit media coverage of a decision, they commonly announce it late in the day after deadlines have passed for media outlets. If they really don’t want us to know about something, they wait until as late as possible on a Friday. That this news release came on a Friday […]