Articles from February 2012

Tomato Workers to Hold Hunger Strike at Supermarket’s Head Office

  The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) should be celebrating. Last week Trader Joe’s signed a Fair Food Agreement with the Florida-based labor justice group. The agreement grants basic rights and higher wages to Florida tomato harvesters. But the celebrations were short-lived. The CIW announced that 50 of its members and their supporters would be […]

Proof–Once Again–That Organic Can Feed the World

  No, the egg on the right was not laid by an ostrich. It was laid by one of my aged hens. The 10-bird flock dines on organic feed and ranges freely (weather permitting). By comparison, the runty egg on the left came from an inorganic factory farm where hens are kept in tiny cages. It […]

The CDC Refuses to Reveal the Name of the Restaurant Chain that Poisoned More Than 60 Customers. Thank God for Scrappy Reporters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) handling of a recent investigation into a salmonella outbreak that sickened 68 people in 10 states—sending more than 20 to the hospital—had all the elements of a B-grade spy movie. The CDC identified the source of the contaminated food, but refused to make the name public, instead calling […]

Way to Go, Joe. Major Victory for Tomato Workers. Trader Joe’s Signs Fair Food Agreement

Trader Joe’s, a national grocery chain with more than 350 outlets in nine states, has become the second major food retailer to sign on to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) Fair Food Agreement. For a more than a decade, the CIW, a grassroots farmworkers’ rights organization, has tried to persuade supermarket chains, fast food […]

New “Food Hub” Makes Small-Scale, Sustainable Food Production Financially Viable

Take pity on male baby goats. Their sisters look forward to long lives providing milk for cheese or fiber for yarn. But for most goatherds in this country, bucklings, as the little fellows are called, are inconvenient byproducts. With no infrastructure for the processing and distribution of their meat, many young bucks are simply euthanized […]

A Cornfounding Situation: Bioengineering Brought Us Super Weeds, Now Wonder Worms. What is Next from the Labs of Monsanto and Dow?

Advocates for genetically modified crops have never relied on logic to advance their cause. And the same holds true for the government officials who give their blessings to new bioengineered plants. Just look at what has been playing out in the corn industry over the past month or so. Just before Christmas, the U.S. Department […]

Aquaculture Giant Files Suit to Silence Salmon Farming Critic

When it comes to shooting themselves in the feet, few industries are as adept as industrial aquaculture. The most recent example is unfolding in a Vancouver, B. C., courtroom where a subsidiary of Cermaq, a $1.7-billion fish farming conglomerate whose major shareholder is the Norwegian government, is suing the scrappy environmental activist Don Staniford for […]