Articles from October 2014

Will Obama Follow Doctors’ Orders to Protect American’s Health?

      It’s damn near impossible to get 93% of Americans to agree on anything, but that’s the percentage of doctors who told a recently released Consumer Reports poll that they were concerned about the common practice of feeding perfectly healthy livestock in this country constant low levels of antibiotics—a practice banned in much […]

A Dangerous Duo Is on the Loose Thanks to the EPA

Weeds aren’t as dumb as you might think. Kill enough of them with a certain herbicide, and some will eventually figure out how to become resistant to that herbicide, rendering it useless. This fact appears to be lost on the scientists at Dow Chemical and the bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So-called “Superweeds” […]

“In Search of the Perfect Loaf:” A Review

I am not in the habit of reviewing books by friends or people who have edited my work and supported it financially. Sam Fromartz, the author of In Search of the Perfect Loaf: A Home Baker’s Odyssey, fits into all three categories. But I found this book so informative and worthwhile that I would be […]

As 125,000 Americans Die, Obama Resorts to Greenwash

Salmonella are known killers. The food-borne bacteria poison 1.2 million Americans each year, resulting in 23,000 hospitalizations and 450 deaths. Astonishingly, it is not illegal to sell meat and poultry contaminated with salmonella, according to the current policies of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service—the folks who are charged […]