Politics of the Plate Honored by James Beard Society

Jim would have approved

Jim would have approved

I’m flattered to announce that “Politics of the Plate” received an award recently from the James Beard Society in the category of “Individual Food Blog.”

Some major thanks are in order.

First, to Ruth Reichl who suggested that I blog for Gourmet.com. “Politics of the Plate” would have never come about without her encouragement and complete support.

Doc Willoughby kept me on the straight and narrow and helped to shape the approach and tone of my posts. I think of it as reporting with an attitude.

Adam Houghtaling and Christie Harrison at Gourmet.com were terrific editors.

When Gourmet closed in late 2009, Corby Kummer at AtlanticLife.com provided a terrific new home for Politics of the Plate and gave me a reason to keep writing at a time when I wondered if there was a place for this type of information in today’s whacky media world. Corby’s henchman, Dan Fromson, is a shrewd editor whose changes always leave me looking better.

My old pal Frank Edwards helped me set up the site over a couple of bottles of decent single malt and many reminders about how great it was to work with him back in the Canadian era. The very talented Janice McLean (another Canadian colleague) designed the logo.

Not a single word that I write ever leaves this computer without being scrutinized by Rux Martin—the most wonderful editor in the world.

And thanks especially to you for caring enough about how our food is produced to take your valuable time to read these posts.





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  1. Barry, this honor is so deserved. Thanks for all the work you do!

  2. Chaz French says:

    Congrats! You’ve definitely earned it.

  3. Ken Peterson says:

    Absolutely – an honor well earned and richly deserved. Congratulations!

  4. Andrea Olsen says:

    Excellent to see the recognition so rightly awarded. Your work is important and very well presented. Thank you!

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