Introducing “Tomatoland,” My Soon to be Released Book about What Industrial Agriculture Has Done to Our Most Alluring Fruit

  To be Published in June Click here to place an advance order with Amazon Click here to place an advance order with Barnes & Noble Click here to place an advance order with Borders Click here to place an advance order with Indiebound Click here to place an advance order with Powell’s   What the […]

Give Estabrook a hug! “Politics of the Plate” Nominated for’s Best of Green Award in the Food Website Category

I am flattered to announce that, the font of cutting-edge reporting about all things sustainable, announced earlier this week that Politics of the has been nominated for the 2010 Best of Green Award in the Best Food Website category. I’m left speechless. Okay, not quite. Treehugger says that the awards, “are our annual […]

Why Does Conde Nast Want Me to Stop Posting My Own Articles on My Own Blog?

Last Friday, Politics of the Plate received the following email from the legal department of Condé Nast Publications, the company that recently shut down Gourmet magazine, where I was an independent contractor for a number of years. The email concerns a half-dozen articles linked to at the bottom of the left-hand column of this site. […]

“An International Disgrace” Tuna Commission is Mismanaging Atlantic Albacore into Extinction

Atlantic albacore tuna have long paddled in the shadow of their bigger, more expensive, and more endangered cousins, Atlantic bluefin tuna. Now, “the forgotten tuna” is finally getting some respect, but for all the wrong reasons. Speaking at the Seafood Choices Alliance’s Seafood Summit in Paris last weekend, Phil Kline, Senior Oceans Campaigner at Greenpeace said, […]

Let Them Eat Cow Manure

  The daughter of a friend of mine died after eating hamburger contaminated with E. coli at a family cookout. Her death was horrendous. For two weeks, the once-bubbly two-year-old lay in hospital struggling to stay alive while toxins slowly ate away at her kidneys. Neither modern medicine nor her parents could do a thing, […]

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