Newsbites: Judge Rules GMO Sugar Beets Illegal; Trouble is Non-GMO Seeds Have Vanished. BPA May Soon be a Thing of the Past Thanks to Corporations, not Government Food Safety Bureaucrats. Big Ag Picks Up Its Marbles and Leaves Sustainability Discussions. Three Cheers! The USDA Gets Inorganic Hops out of “Organic’ Beer

The Sour Taste of Success Bye-Bye BPA? An Unsustainable Discussion Organic Hops: I’ll Raise a Mug to That The Sour Taste of Success Sugar beet farmers should have been more careful when they wished for a genetically modified future. Two years ago, after the United States Department of Agriculture gave its blessing—pre-maturely it turns out—to […]


●Recession Ends for Organic Retailers. ●What Happens When You Water Plants with BPA? (Not What You Think.) ●For Foie Gras Producer, There’s No Ducking Pollution Laws. ●President’s Cancer Panel: Eat Organic; Avoid Cancer. ●200,000 Foreign Firms Supply U.S. with Food. Guess How Many Get Inspected. Organic Economic Indicators     Looking for tangible signs that […]