“Poisoned” Provides a Timely Indictment of the Sorry State of Food Safety

  In August, we learned that salmonella in ground turkey had sickened more than 110 consumers and killed one. In September, news broke that listeria in cantaloupes had sickened more than 70 people and killed at least 15. What fatal food-borne outbreak should we expect in October? Americans are being made ill by food with […]

In a Misguided Effort to Weed out the Bad Eggs, the Food Safety Bill Punishes the Safest Farmers in the Country

It’s been nearly a month since the nationwide recall of 550 million eggs, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still hasn’t figured out where the salmonella that sickened 1,470 people originated.             Well, I know where it originated, and I am about to reveal it here, both to save the FDA further trouble and to […]

Let Them Eat Cow Manure

  The daughter of a friend of mine died after eating hamburger contaminated with E. coli at a family cookout. Her death was horrendous. For two weeks, the once-bubbly two-year-old lay in hospital struggling to stay alive while toxins slowly ate away at her kidneys. Neither modern medicine nor her parents could do a thing, […]