Proof–Once Again–That Organic Can Feed the World

  No, the egg on the right was not laid by an ostrich. It was laid by one of my aged hens. The 10-bird flock dines on organic feed and ranges freely (weather permitting). By comparison, the runty egg on the left came from an inorganic factory farm where hens are kept in tiny cages. It […]

In a Misguided Effort to Weed out the Bad Eggs, the Food Safety Bill Punishes the Safest Farmers in the Country

It’s been nearly a month since the nationwide recall of 550 million eggs, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still hasn’t figured out where the salmonella that sickened 1,470 people originated.             Well, I know where it originated, and I am about to reveal it here, both to save the FDA further trouble and to […]

Newsbites: Humane Society vs. the Nation’s Number Two Egg Producer; Popular New Pesticide–Good for Ozone, Bad for Humans; Hard Drugs in Your Honey?

●Humane Society Files Complaint About Nation’s Number Two Egg Producer ●Popular New Pesticide–Good for Ozone, But Bad for Humans ●Hard Drugs  in Your Honey? Scratching out a living Something to Squawk About During the winter here in Vermont, my 12 laying hens seem content enough residing in a retrofitted horse stable. But when I open the […]