Farmwork is Definitely not Kids’ Stuff. It Can (and Does) Kill

In July, 14-year-old Ben Troyer of Michigan died on a farm when he became caught in a belt and pulley while operating a feed grinder. In January, seven-year-old Tanner Hlavaty died in Kansas after being run over by a tractor while helping feed cattle. A few months earlier, 12-year-old Christen Wolland was crushed to death […]

Felons in the Fields: Jim Crow Raises his Ugly Head in Modern-Day Georgia Thanks to New Immigration Law

When southern farmers faced a sudden shortage of fieldworkers after their slaves were freed following the Civil War, they made a request to local sheriffs: Go out and arrest some healthy-looking African Americans—vagrancy or any other trumped-up charge would do—and then lease them to us as farm laborers. Those convict-lease programs worked out well for […]

What Poisoned the Farmworkers of Apopka, FL, and Why is Nobody Doing a Thing to Help Them?

Leaning on her cane, Linda Lee matter-of-factly listed her medical conditions: diabetes, lupus, high blood pressure, emphysema and arthritis. She had her hip replaced and her gall bladder removed. Her kidneys failed, so she had a transplant. She also had two corneal implants. Asked what caused her woes, the 57-year-old resident of Apopka, Fla., doesn’t […]

Farmworkers Score Major Victory in the Fight for Fair Treatment

Chalk up another one for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), the Florida-based community organization that has been trying for decades to improve the grim lot of migrant tomato pickers, most of whom toil for less than minimum wage. This week, ARAMARK, the giant corporation that supplies food to universities, hospitals, stadiums, and other institutions […]