Monsanto Claims Victory in Supreme Court GM Seed Case, But Who Really Won?

A lawyer friend of mine who once served as a small claims magistrate said that he knew he had handed down a fair ruling when both parties came away a little mad at him.  I don’t know what he would think about the Supreme Court’s 7-to-1 decision to nullify a lower court ruling that imposed […]

DIRTY RICE: Jury Awards Missouri Farmers $2 Million, Finding Bayer CropScience Liable for Contaminating Fields with GM Rice.

    Ken Bell, a rice grower in southwestern Missouri, remembers that 2006 was shaping up to be one of those years farmers only dare to dream about. “Not only was the market up,” he told me, “but we had a good crop growing.” Then on August 18, a Friday, Bell’s world collapsed. The United […]