Consumers Union Blasts FDA over Pending Approval of GMO Salmon; What’s in a Name? With Sales in the Pits, Corn Refiners Petition FDA to Let Then Call High Fructose Corn Syrup “Corn Sugar”

Consumers Union to FDA: Say NO to GMO Salmon During the a series of hearings early this week, a committee advising the Food and Drug Administration will decide whether to give its blessing to Atlantic salmon genetically modified to grow twice as fast as non-GMO salmon. The fish, engineered by a Massachusetts company called AquaBounty […]

Newsbites: FDA Ready to Approve GMO Supersalmon; Remember Acid Rain? It’s Back and Worse than Ever Thanks to Big Ag; Recession Ends for Organic Dairy Farmers

●One More Reason to Avoid Farmed Salmon ●Acid Rain Redux ● Land of Milk and Money   One More Reason to Avoid Farmed Salmon Prince Edward Island bills itself as a bucolic haven of pristine beaches, white clapboard farmhouses, and quaint fishing villages. But the province is also home to one of the scariest places […]