Obama Newspeak: Labeling Food as GM-Free is False, Misleading and Deceptive, even When it is True

If you were hoping that there might be some change in the United States government’s official position on genetically modified and genetically engineered (GM/GE) foods under an Obama administration, tough luck. Last month there was the appointment of big-time GM/GE advocate (and former Monsanto lobbyist) Islam Siddiqui as the country’s chief agricultural negotiator. Now comes […]

Using Recess Appointment, Obama Sneaks Pro-GMO, Pro-Pesticide Lobbyist into Key Agricultural Post

Not in Siddiqui’s back yard.  The Obama administration’s schizophrenic approach to agriculture policy —making PR gestures toward local, organic, and sustainable farming with one hand, while nudging ahead the agendas of agribusiness giants like Monsanto and Dow Chemical with the other—was on full display this weekend when the president used a recess appointment to install […]