The CDC Refuses to Reveal the Name of the Restaurant Chain that Poisoned More Than 60 Customers. Thank God for Scrappy Reporters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) handling of a recent investigation into a salmonella outbreak that sickened 68 people in 10 states—sending more than 20 to the hospital—had all the elements of a B-grade spy movie. The CDC identified the source of the contaminated food, but refused to make the name public, instead calling […]

Why Does this Pleasant Looking Chap Strike Fear into the Hearts of Executives at the Country’s Largest Food Companies?

Given that Salmonella-contaminated ground turkey produced by Cargill, Inc. had already sickened more than 100 people and killed one, William Marler’s offer to the Minneapolis-based company early last month seemed worth considering: Regularly test your meat for antibiotic-resistant Salmonella, and I won’t sue you. Suing corporations that sicken their customers is something Marler does often […]

The Great Egg Challenge of 2010

Last week, a reader who goes by the name Ploughman issued a challenge to me. “You might want to have your small flock [of laying hens] tested just to see what strain(s) of salmonella they are carrying. You might be surprised,” he wrote. Ploughman, your challenge is accepted. I shipped six of my eggs to EMSL […]