Way to Go, Joe. Major Victory for Tomato Workers. Trader Joe’s Signs Fair Food Agreement

Trader Joe’s, a national grocery chain with more than 350 outlets in nine states, has become the second major food retailer to sign on to the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) Fair Food Agreement. For a more than a decade, the CIW, a grassroots farmworkers’ rights organization, has tried to persuade supermarket chains, fast food […]

Newsbites: Choice Tidbits from the Week in Sustainable Food

  PR Flub of the Week The award this week goes to Trader Joe’s. The feel-good bastion of all things fair and natural, has steadfastly refused to sign a Fair Food Agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)—a social-justice organization based in the south-Florida migrant community of Immokalee. The coalition has long been pressing supermarkets […]

Say it Ain’t So, Trader Joe: Grocery Chain Snubs Delegation of Rabbis and Pastors

Things are getting ugly in the tomato patch. Last week, about 400 workers’ rights advocates from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a labor- and human-rights organization founded two decades ago by migrant tomato pickers in the southwestern Florida city of the same name, marched to the headquarters of Trade Joe’s outside Los Angeles. The […]

The Profound Impact of a Penny

Raising the price of tomatoes by 1 cent a pound would change farmworkers’ lives. Trader Joe’s said no. But first, a none-too-subtle word from our sponsor Click here to place an order with Amazon Click here to place an order with Barnes & Noble Click here to place an order with Borders Click here to place an […]

Tomato Workers Travel 3,000 Miles to Ask for a One-Penny-a-Pound Raise; Big Supermarket Chains Give them the Cold Shoulder

My protest marching skills are a bit rusty, having last been put to use in 1968 on behalf of Eugene McCarthy and his thwarted bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. But on a bitter afternoon in Boston recently, I sloshed through a few inches of slushy snow with more than 900 supporters of the Coalition […]