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Four Photos that Say Everything You Need to Know about Perdue’s Takeover of Niman Ranch

A lot has been written about poultry giant Perdue’s recent takeover of sustainable/humane Niman Ranch. (see here) Rather than add to the verbiage, I thought I’d post a few pictures.   1. Feeder hogs at a Niman Ranch Farm 2. The way the other 97% of feeder hogs live 3. Crated sow and piglets typical […]

Today’s the Day. “Pig Tales” Is Officially Out. Here’s A Free Taste. Dig in!

TO ORDER CLICK BELOW Amazon Barnes & Noble iBookstore IndieBound Powell’s A pork chop nearly got me thrown in jail. I was in the second row of the spectators’  gallery at a trial in Winchester, Illinois, a county seat of 1,700 citizens. Ten residents of flat, cornfield-studded, and profoundly rural Scott County had filed a […]

If the Danes Can Raise Pork without Antibiotics, Why Can’t We? My Opinion Piece in the NY Times

President Obama didn’t need to issue a $1.2 billion National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, which he did last week, to figure out how the United States could reduce the antibiotic-resistant bacteria created by the country’s agriculture industry. He could have simply spent a day with Kaj Munck, a Danish hog farmer. Mr. Munck is […]

A Little Video Where I Try to Introduce My Book, “Pig Tales.” Guess Who Steals the Show.

Here’s a little video of me introducing my book, Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat. to the sales force at W. W. Norton. The camera seems to like the piggies at Flying Pigs Farm way more than me. Oh well . . .      CLICK HERE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE COPY FROM […]

Absolutely Free: The Great “Pig Tales” Giveaway

My publisher, W. W. Norton, and Goodreads have teamed up to give away 20 copies of my forthcoming book, Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat. Absolutely FREE! What a deal! All you have to do is go to Goodreads, scroll down until you see “Win a copy of this book,” and click on […]

Oink!!!!! Denver Post Gives a Sneak Preview of my new book “Pig Tales”

My new book, Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat, won’t be released until later this year, but word is already getting out. This from the Denver Post’s coverage of the Cochon 555 cook-off event that will take place on March 8 in that city: If all this pork talk triggers a hunger to […]


I vowed never to touch another Thai-farmed shrimp after attending a panel discussion recently at Sea Web’s Seafood Summit in New Orleans. Steve Trent, the executive director of the Britain’s Environmental Justice Foundation, described a multi-billion-dollar industry with a financial model that would not be viable slave labor. “It’s the most horrific situation I have […]

Des Moines to Upstream Counties: “We’re Tired of You Pouring Your Agricultural Shit in Our Water Supply.”

Last summer, I stood on a bridge over the flooding Middle Raccoon River in Iowa and watched thick mats of brownish foam surging downstream. They had been created by hog manure washed from fields into the river by heavy rains. Later, when I asked him about the froth, William Stowe, Chief Executive Officer and general […]

Sustainable Santa Has 2014’s 10 Top Book Gifts for Conscientious Eaters

It’s Sustainable Santa, writing. Wee Barry Estabrook is preoccupied with putting together a new book proposal, so Santa thought it was a good idea to help him out (and lighten Santa’s sleigh) by stepping into this space to dash off a few words about Santa’s favorite books of food journalism for 2014—dandy gifts for the […]

Book 10: Sustainable Santa Has a Book Suggestion for Every Conscientious Eater on Your Holiday List

The Big Fat Surprise, by Nina Teicholz “Fat-is-good/carbs-are-bad” has become a nonfiction genre in and of itself in recent years, a direct reaction to the “fat is evil” doctrine that has become the establishment’s dietary mantra over the last few decades. The Big Fat Surprise is the first book in the genre that merits serious […]