Articles from November 2009

Sludge Fest: Center for Food Safety vs. San Francisco. It’s a battle that may be coming soon to a city near you

Some offers are simply too good to be true. In late September, San Francisco’s Public Utilities Commission once again offered “high-quality, nutrient-rich, organic” compost to any citizen who wanted it absolutely free. It’s a popular program. Bay-area residents sprinkle about 80 tons a year of the fertilizer on their lawns and gardens—even schoolyards. But Washington, […]

Aquaponics: A Sustainable Way to Farm Fish?

“Just think of this as a gourmet wastewater facility,” said Kevin Ferry, tearing off a romaine leaf and stuffing it into his mouth. He had just ushered me into his greenhouse at Cabbage Hill Farm in Mount Kisco, just north of New York City. If Rube Goldberg himself had been given free rein, he couldn’t […]

Not-So Candid Cameras: Supermarket Films Protesting Farmworkers’ Kids

After more that 15 years of petitions, demonstrations, hunger strikes, and lobbying efforts, members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a group trying to alleviate the abysmal labor conditions in Florida’s tomato fields (including slavery), take adversity as a given in their battle to secure living wages from the giant corporations that control the […]

Update: Odds Are Against Bluefin Recovery

Will Atlantic bluefin survive? Don’t bet on it. Last week the International Commission on the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)   lived up to its cynical moniker:  the International Conspiracy to Catch All Tuna. Meeting in Brazil, the group set next year’s bluefin catch limit at 13,500 metric tons after hearing scientific testimony that at such […]

Tuna Diplomacy

  There is a strong likelihood that someone in this generation will be the last human to eat a bluefin tuna. By most scientific accounts, the species hovers on the brink of extinction, if it hasn’t already crossed that line. Should bluefin disappear, much of the blame will go to an organization called the International […]

Bacteria on the Halfshell

It might have taken a brave man to “first et oyster,” but with apologies to Dr. Johnson, it takes a much braver man to come between me and a dozen of the glistening bivalves on a bed of shaved ice washed down with perhaps a dram of Stoli. Michael Taylor of the Food and Drug […]

Let Them Eat Cow Manure

  The daughter of a friend of mine died after eating hamburger contaminated with E. coli at a family cookout. Her death was horrendous. For two weeks, the once-bubbly two-year-old lay in hospital struggling to stay alive while toxins slowly ate away at her kidneys. Neither modern medicine nor her parents could do a thing, […]

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