Articles from July 2010

Copper River Salmon: The Best Fish or the Best PR?

  Fishermen working the waters of Alaska’s Copper River district claim that their salmon are the best in the world. Fishermen from other parts of the state insist that their fish are equally good and that Copper River’s reputation is founded more on well-executed PR than intrinsic quality. Discretion is the better part of valor, […]

Florida Modern-Day Slavery Museum on a Roll Through the Northeast. Here’s the Schedule. Check it out. A Winter Tomato or Orange Will Never Taste the Same

Fresh from stops in Washington, D. C., on the National Mall and at the State Department, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ well-traveled Modern-Day Slavery Museum is heading up the eastern seaboard. Centered around a tomato truck nearly identical to one in which slaves were locked at night in 2008 case, it will be visiting Baltimore, […]

Book Review: Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, by Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg’s Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food should be required reading for anyone who eats seafood. The assignment won’t be a burden. Greenberg is an unfailingly entertaining writer, and his book arms you with the information you need to make intelligent choices when you are confronted by the confusing and sometimes […]

Newsbites: Wine Drinkers to the Rescue–Popping Corks Saves Endangered Forests; Shrimp on Prozac (No, They’re not Depressed About the Oil Spill); There’s Oil in Them There Cereal Boxes

Pop a Cork, Save a Forest Shrimp on Prozac There’s Oil in Them There Cereal Boxes Pop a Cork, Save a Forest We had a dinner party last night for a group of friends who enjoy their wine. I’m glad to report that we more than did our bit to save the forests of Portugal, […]

Newsbites:Big Ag and the Obama Administration: A Who’s Who; Wheat Rust Could Cause Widespread Famine; Finally, the FDA Comes out Against Needless Antibiotic Use in Livestock; Government Body Chooses Wrong Side in the Organic/Conventional Debate

Big Ag’s Big Pal in the Oval Office The World’s Bread Basket in Danger of Rusting Away FDA Takes a Anti-Antibiotic Stance—Finally Federal Dietary Guidelines: Organic no Better than Conventional           Big Ag’s Big Pal in the Oval Office Even as a journalist who is supposed to follow matters related to […]

Powerful Poop: The Manure from One Vermont Dairy Farm Produces Enough Electricity to Supply 400 Homes

Excuse my gas.   There is one big difference between Green Mountain Dairy and most other large milk farms: It doesn’t stink. When I pulled into the well-tended barnyard in northern Vermont last week, there was not a whiff of evidence to suggest that the place is home to 1,800 dairy cattle I had dropped […]

Newsbites: Oil Enters the Gulf Food Chain; Ohio Farm Aminals Break Free of Crates; Undocumented Workers Tell Americans to “Take Our Jobs!” Farmers Turn up Noses at Monsanto’s GM Soybeans and Corn

●Oil Enters the Gulf Food Chain ●Ohio Farm Animals’ Crate Escape ●A Job Offer Red-Blooded (and White-Skinned) Americans Can—And Will—Refuse ●Monsanto’s Profits Drop as Farmers Avoid GMO Seeds   Lubricated Crab Larvae In had to happen sooner or later. Oil has officially contaminated the Gulf of Mexico’s seafood chain. Last week Geoff Pender of the […]

Chemical Fertilizers Make Things Grow Really Well–Especially Tumors

The nitrogen in chemical fertilizer does two things incredibly well. It supercharges crop growth, and it produces nitrate, a chemical that is ultra soluble in water and easily passes through soil to accumulate in the ground-water table. Once there, nitrates can persist for decades and increase in concentration as more fertilizer is added. Ingestion of […]