Articles from March 2011

Turnabout is Fair Play: Organic Groups and Small Farmers Haul Monsanto into Court over Contamination by GMO Crops

Tearing a page out of Monsanto Co.’s own playbook, the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT), an advocacy group whose mandate is to represent the public’s interest in the patent system, filed suit on behalf of 60 organic farmers, small farm organizations, and seed businesses this week against the litigious agrichemical and GMO-seed giant. In a press release, […]

Artisan Cheesemakers Dodge Bullet as FDA Says it Does not Plan to Change Aging Regulations on Raw Milk Cheese.

Earlier this year, cheese lovers who view raw milk as a sacred cow, feared that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) planned to sharply limit or even ban the manufacture and sale of raw milk cheese. It would have been a loss not only for connoisseurs, but for anyone who cares about rural economies and […]

Shameless Self-Promotion Department: Estabrook Nominated for Six National Food Journalism Awards. Read the Pieces and See What You Think

I’m am deeply honored to have received six food writing nominations for work I did in 2010. Three were from the International Association of Culinary Professionals; three from the James Beard Society. The judges for both competitions chose the same three pieces. My goal for 2011 is to learn how to spell. An article I […]

Introducing “Tomatoland,” My Soon to be Released Book about What Industrial Agriculture Has Done to Our Most Alluring Fruit

  To be Published in June Click here to place an advance order with Amazon Click here to place an advance order with Barnes & Noble Click here to place an advance order with Borders Click here to place an advance order with Indiebound Click here to place an advance order with Powell’s   What the […]

Despite Troubling Signs about the Gulf of Mexico’s Health, Obama Administration Says, “Drill, Baby, Drill.”

I have come to the conclusion that there must be two Gulfs of Mexico, one that oil tycoons and their new buddies within the Obama administration see, and another scientists and fishermen who rely on the Gulf for their livelihoods confront. Last week, came the upbeat news from Bloomberg that the federal government had granted […]

Tomato Workers Travel 3,000 Miles to Ask for a One-Penny-a-Pound Raise; Big Supermarket Chains Give them the Cold Shoulder

My protest marching skills are a bit rusty, having last been put to use in 1968 on behalf of Eugene McCarthy and his thwarted bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. But on a bitter afternoon in Boston recently, I sloshed through a few inches of slushy snow with more than 900 supporters of the Coalition […]