Articles from November 2011

A Post from Sam Fromertz’s Blog Chewswise: A Few Comments on the Food & Environmental Reporting Network (FERN)

I’m pleased to announce that this week the Food & Environment Reporting Network launched. I’ve been working on this a non-profit journalism venture quiety for some time (two or more years), and now serve as editor. It grew out of an impromptu discussion with several people into an organization with a staff, board and editorial advisory board. […]

“Eat Good Food” Serves up Sustainable Shopping Tips and Techniques from the Greenest Grocer in the Land

The first time I entered San Francisco’s Bi-Rite market was to buy a couple of really bad tomatoes—hard, pink, tasteless ones—as props for a talk I was about to give. From a block away on 18thStreet in the Mission district, the shop, with its glaring Art Deco façade, looked exactly like the sort of bodega […]

By Refusing to Ban Giving Healthy Livestock Daily Doses of Antibiotics, the FDA Puts Corporate Profits Above Consumers’ Health

 No one is going to accuse the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of rushing to judgment. In 1999, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) petitioned the FDA to stop the common practice of feeding perfectly healthy livestock antibiotics, not to cure disease, but merely to make them pack on weight more efficiently. […]