Four Photos that Say Everything You Need to Know about Perdue’s Takeover of Niman Ranch

A lot has been written about poultry giant Perdue’s recent takeover of sustainable/humane Niman Ranch. (see here) Rather than add to the verbiage, I thought I’d post a few pictures.


Pigs distant Niman pasture

1. Feeder hogs at a Niman Ranch Farm


2. The way the other 97% of feeder hogs live

Momma pig feeding the kids

3. Crated sow and piglets typical of industrial hog production

Sow and Pigs Niman Ranch

4. Sow and piglets at a Niman Ranch farm

‘Nuf said.

For more about factory hog farming and the alternatives click here.


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  1. Knowing something about the Niman a Ranch operation, it’s hard to imagine this deal. We were both at Chefs Collaborative summits where Paul Willis spoke about his commitment to ranching sustainably and humanely. Could this be simply about not being able to turn down a very generous deal? Hoping you know more than I do about what happened?

  2. Wendy says:

    I’m hoping it stays Niman Ranch even though a huge conglomerate is now involved. Sad to see these shots. Sad state of the (larger) industry in general. It’s amazing how we, as humans, manage to justify treating living things this way.

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