Aquaculture Giant Files Suit to Silence Salmon Farming Critic

When it comes to shooting themselves in the feet, few industries are as adept as industrial aquaculture. The most recent example is unfolding in a Vancouver, B. C., courtroom where a subsidiary of Cermaq, a $1.7-billion fish farming conglomerate whose major shareholder is the Norwegian government, is suing the scrappy environmental activist Don Staniford for […]

Newsbites: Monsanto’s Last Roundup; There May be Something Worse than BPA in Your Bottled Water;Off-Shore Aquaculture–Here’s the Catch

●Monsanto’s Last Roundup ●There May be More than BPA in Your Water Bottle ●Off-Shore Aquaculture: Here’s the Catch Monsanto’s Last Roundup In 2003, after losing nearly $2 billion the previous year, Monsanto bet its corporate life on a genetically modified future, much of which would be built on GM seeds for corn, soybeans, cotton, and […]

Just-Released Documentary: View the Side of Salmon Aquaculture the Industry Does not Want You to See

For years I’ve followed reports about the environmental downside of open-water salmon farms, which is to say virtually all salmon farms. My conclusion is that it is one of the most environmentally destructive ways we produce food. A salmon farm is nothing more than a vast, floating feedlot, except feedlots, at least nominally, have to […]

Is Seafood Watch Going to Give its Blessing to Farmed Shrimp?

  I stopped eating farmed shrimp (which is to say nearly 90 percent of the shrimp sold in this country) several years ago for three reasons. 1) They taste like ammonia or mud. 2) Too often, they are contaminated with drugs and chemicals banned by the United States government. And (3) Shrimp aquaculture is one […]

Aquaponics: A Sustainable Way to Farm Fish?

“Just think of this as a gourmet wastewater facility,” said Kevin Ferry, tearing off a romaine leaf and stuffing it into his mouth. He had just ushered me into his greenhouse at Cabbage Hill Farm in Mount Kisco, just north of New York City. If Rube Goldberg himself had been given free rein, he couldn’t […]