Proof That Organic Milk Is More Healthy than Conventional; Hatching a GMO Chicken; Eat Bugs: Save the Earth–Meal-Worm Quiche, Anyone? Fourteen States Flunk Foodborne Illness Test. Is Yours One?

    Greener Pastures: Study Shows Organic Milk More Healthful than Conventional A recent study published in the Journal of Dairy Science by a group of British scientists showed that organic milk had higher percentages of heart-healthy fatty acids than the regular stuff. Gillian Butler of Newcastle University, who led the study, told Sustainable Food […]

A Tale of Two Dairies–How to End the Crisis on Our Farms

                             Stars pierced the clear, cold predawn sky last January 19 when Dean Pierson, a 59-year-old dairy farmer from the hamlet of Copake, N. Y., headed out of the house to milk the 51 cows on Hi-Low Farm, as he did every […]