FDA Asleep on the Job? New Study Has Harsh Criticism for How Agency Determined that Gulf Seafood was Safe

You could almost hear the collective Whew! from the Gulf of Mexico fishing industry (and lovers of oyster po’ boys, blackened redfish, and shrimp jambalaya) this spring when Donald Kraemer, Deputy Director of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, proclaimed: “We’re very confident that the steps that we […]

Estabrook’s New York Times Magazine Debut–The Catch: How one determined writer put a Maine island on the map–not only for its seafood, but also for the people who catch it.

Though we had agreed to meet at 9 a.m., Ingrid Bengis-Palei woke me at 7, shouting from the bottom of the stairs leading to the apartment where I was staying above her barn on Deer Isle, Me. She had orders for 600 oysters, a third of which had to be overnighted to Beverly Hills to […]

Newsbites: Seafood’s Dirty Dozen; Farm Life is Making American Women Sick; Sharing the Wealth: A New Management System is Good News For Pacific Ground Fish; FDA is Gung Ho to OK GM Salmon–Maybe it Ought to be Dealing with Other Matters First, Like Contaminated Eggs

Seafood’s Dirty Dozen Seafood guides tend to focus either on those species that should be avoided for reasons related to environmental health (overfishing) or those species should be avoided for reasons related to human health (their flesh is contaminated with chemicals). Food and Water Watch, an environmental group based in Washington, D. C., publishes a […]

Book Review: Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food, by Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg’s Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food should be required reading for anyone who eats seafood. The assignment won’t be a burden. Greenberg is an unfailingly entertaining writer, and his book arms you with the information you need to make intelligent choices when you are confronted by the confusing and sometimes […]

The Price of Fish: How the wheels of capitalism deliver seafood to your plate

If you’ve eaten a fish caught off the northeastern coast of the United States  in the past few years, chances are good that it passed through the giant refrigerated warehouse of the Gloucester Seafood Display Auction in Gloucester, Massachusetts. That’s where I met Steve Dunn, a fish grader, one morning last April. At 4:00 a.m., […]

Tuna Diplomacy

  There is a strong likelihood that someone in this generation will be the last human to eat a bluefin tuna. By most scientific accounts, the species hovers on the brink of extinction, if it hasn’t already crossed that line. Should bluefin disappear, much of the blame will go to an organization called the International […]